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France 01/04/2023
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Dioxycle recherche …
Are you a fast mover looking to join a team of supportive teammates who are genuinely passionate about helping to solve climate change? Join our team as Senior Business Development Manager !

About Dioxycle
Dioxycle is transforming carbon dioxide from a waste into a valuable resource. Established in 2021, Dioxycle builds high-performance carbon capture and electrolysis technologies that convert carbon dioxide (CO2) into the world's most widely used renewable feedstocks, fuels, and commodity chemicals.

These outputs not only aim to provide cost effective and scalable alternatives to fossil fuel derived chemicals, while also abating emissions from the hardest-to-decarbonize sectors like shipping, aviation, and chemical manufacturing. Dioxycle's technology has the potential to eliminate gigatons of CO2 emissions, and BE a critical component of humanity's climate solution.

Dioxycle was awarded the i-Lab program award in 2020, and in 2021 was the only European company to receive the Breakthrough Energy Fellows program award, a program launched by Bill Gates.

About the role
Dioxycle is looking for a Senior Business development Manager to lead market analysis and business development for the carbon capture and utilization market, while establishing new partnerships, researching and opening up new markets, and planning for and completing the acquisition of new customers.

To BE successful, the candidate should have a'no-problem-too-big' attitude and BE highly resourceful. The candidate should BE a mission-driven, highly technical candidate with strong expertise in process/project engineering. The candidate should have business experience in either the chemical and/or CCUS industry. Experience in the field of electrolysis would BE an asset.

They should BE highly knowledgeable in industrialization standards, the chemical industry, have experience in prototyping. Finally, the candidate should have experience building long-term relationships with suppliers, engineering contractors, customers and partners. This position is highly strategic, and will report directly to the CEO.

Required skills*
- PhD Technical/engineering degree/knowledge in process engineering.
- 7-10 years' experience in industrial projects, with a great knowledge of CCUS (Carbon Capture Utilization Storage) and/or sustainable fuels and chemicals; specific knowledge in C1-C3 (carbon monoxide, syngas, ethylene, ethanol) is a plus.
- Network in the engineering ecosystem; Experience in building relationships, exploring new market opportunities, ability to build a pipeline, nurture opportunities and close deals with pilot customers.
- High proficiency in leveraging techno-economic analyses to inform go-to- market strategies and conducting extensive market research and competitive analysis to inform product positioning in the market.
- Desire to play a role in technology optimization by identifying industrial customers' needs and engaging with R&D/product development team to improve technology value proposition and to help bring new products to market. Ensure customer feedback integration for future product/project development.
- Strong leadership, management, and team building skills are a must.
- Passion for scaling climate solutions, commitment to take action, and strong work ethic a must.
- Fluent in English; fluency in other languages considered an asset.
- Frequent traveling across EU, and occasional global travel.

*We value team members with diverse backgrounds that bring a plethora of skills, perspectives and mindsets to the table that can spur originality, imagination, creativity, and fun ! If you do not meet 100% of the qualifications outlined above, tell us why you would still BE a great fit for this role in your application ! Even if you feel that you don't meet all of the requirements, we encourage you to apply.

Our Approach
- We value diverse teams. We are an international team made up of various nationalities including American, English, French, Swiss, and are looking to expand our team as we scale up.
- We have fun. We constantly strive to cultivate a great work atmosphere and genuinely enjoy the work we are doing and the people who we are working with. We value radical open-mindedness.
- We take a people-first approach, and together we are on a continuous learning journey, and value team work and collaboration. We are all responsible for shaping the company culture and are seeking candidates who identify with our culture.
- We value equity in our approach to compensation and offer our team members :.
- Fair and competitive salary packages.
- Generous Employee Stock Ownership plans.
- State-of-the-art research tools and computational equipment.
- Competitive benefits package.

Our process
- A shortlist of candidates will BE contacted.
- A 30-minute video call with one of our team members to get to know you, understand your career expectations, and answer your questions.
- One or two 45-minute video call with a presentation of your career, followed by technical questions from our team.
- A final in-person technical and general interview to meet the entire team.
- A series of reference calls with provided contacts.

Zoom sur le métier de : Consultant marketing

Le consultant marketing est un stratège chargé d’analyser les possibilités de commercialisation d’un produit et de conseiller les entreprises dans les stratégies à adopter. Publicité print et web, plan média, achat d'espace publicitaire, études chiffrées, budget, statistiques… le consultant marketing intervient pour évaluer les chances de réussite d’un projet en fonction des attentes des consommateurs et de la concurrence.

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Business Development Manager H/F
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