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Head of Product Managers

Job Description:

NAVBLUE is looking for a Head of Product Managers, as part of our SAFe way of working.

In NAVBLUE the development activities are realized thanks to two Agile Release Trains (ART). The successful execution of the ART is helped by three critical roles:

Release Train Engineer 

Product Management

System Architect/engineering

As per SAFe framework deployed in NAVBLUE:

Product Management is responsible for defining and supporting the building of desirable, feasible, viable, and sustainable products that meet customer needs over the product-market lifecycle. To do this, they collaborate with a wide range of people to identify and define customer needs, understand the Solution Context, and develop the Program Vision, Roadmap, and Features required to meet these needs. Then, they support the Agile Release Trains (ARTs) in delivering value through the Program Kanban and Continuous Delivery Pipeline.
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The Product Management function relies on several key roles like Business Owners, EPIC owners, Lean UX Designers, Product Owners, and Product Managers. 

In NAVBLUE all Product Managers are grouped together in a team with a dedicated manager, the head of Product Managers.

 The Head of Product Managers is accountable for establishing the right staffing, managing competences, people development, as well as ensuring the right performance of the Product Managers by ensuring that all necessary means are properly in place. The head of Product Managers is also monitoring the performance of each Product Manager (both in terms of outputs and outcomes).


Main responsibilities of Product Management are described in the SAFe framework at

The head of Product Managers:

Ensures that Product managers staffing is adequate vs strategic directions and development capacity

Ensures that product managers have the right skills (flight ops domain, SAFe framework)

Supports product managers in their development

establishes processes and KPI to measure the performance of the Product management team

The Head of Product Manager follows guidance of the Airbus leadership model.


Engineer or Master degree in software engineering or aeronautics


Solid experience in Software engineering

Solid experience in Aviation industry, noticeably Flight Operations – good knowledge of EFB solutions including Charts, OCC environment, flight ops engineering

Some experience in SAFe

Leadership, management

Knowledge, Skills, Demonstrated Capabilities & Competencies:

Superior analytical and problem solving skills

High energy, driven to innovate, and a team player

Strongly focused and self-motivated to overachieve goals

Communication Skills:

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Strong interpersonal skills and an ability to interact effectively with senior management, customers and partners

English negotiation level

Travel Required: 

5 % Domestic and International

*Priority will be given to employees impacted by reorganization

This job requires an awareness of any potential compliance risks and a commitment to act with integrity, as the foundation for the Company’s success, reputation and sustainable growth.



Contract Type:

Permanent Contract / CDI / Unbefristet / Contrato indefinido

Experience Level:

Professional / Expérimenté(e) / Professionell / Profesional

Job Family:

Leadership <JF-FA-EM>

By submitting your CV or application you are consenting to Airbus using and storing information about you for monitoring purposes relating to your application or future employment. This information will only be used by Airbus.
Airbus is committed to achieving workforce diversity and creating an inclusive working environment. We welcome all applications irrespective of social and cultural background, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation or religious belief.

Airbus is, and always has been, committed to equal opportunities for all. As such, we will never ask for any type of monetary exchange in the frame of a recruitment process. Any impersonation of Airbus to do so should be reported to

At Airbus, we support you to work, connect and collaborate more easily and flexibly. Wherever possible, we foster flexible working arrangements to stimulate innovative thinking.


Location: Toulouse Area; Waterloo

Type: Full time

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Head of Product Managers
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