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Bioelectronic Medicine – Defeating disease at the microscale
The latest advancements in material science and microelectronics enable us to address challenges presented by many diseases and medical conditions down to the cellular level. Through the development of new targeted bioelectronic devices that exploit the intrinsic micro-electrophysiological properties of the human body, we can greatly improve treatment of many medical conditions, while extending quality of life and providing freedom from intrusiveness conventional systemic therapies. It is our singular focus and dedicated passion to provide these innovations to physicians for the benefit of patients.

Our Team
Panaxium is a new and rapidly-growing bio-electronic medicine company aiming to create new paradigms for the way we treat disease. A revolutionary approach to medicine requires bold creativity, precision, a desire for improving lives, and the audacity to believe we can continuously challenge and improve the science of healing. Above all else, we value collaboration, because we realize that this endeavour requires pressing the boundary of scientific knowledge.

We are comprised of a multidisciplinary team of internationally-renowned scientists, including experts in organic bioelectronics and leaders in the fields of chemistry, materials science, electrical engineering, systems design, electronic engineering, data science, biology, and microtechnology. We have joined together, coming from top research groups at universities and labs around the world, to solve some of the most difficult and important problems in medicine.

The Successful Candidate will:

Be a key member of the rapidly-growing Product Development team, whose primary responsibility will be creating test & validation programs to verify and advance the performance of Panaxium’s proprietary organic bio-electronics platform Will be responsible for developing system-level procedures to perform characterization of devices both in the laboratory and for in-line use on Panaxium’s microfab pilot line Will be familiar with automating procedures and data collection to enable rapid feedback in order to influence product development decisions in real-time Demonstrates applicable experience with performing root-cause analysis of semiconductor products and the ability to work within a team of electronics engineers and scientific managers to determine causes of failures and actively propose solutions Is enthusiastic about contributing their own expertise while learning from a multidisciplinary team, including neuro-technologists and material scientists Demonstrates experience working with electronic devices that rely on the recording and signal processing of weak analog signals with complex environmental influences such as human electrophysiology, medical RF signal processing, CMOS or CCD image sensors, or similar applicable fields. Experience with organic conducting, semiconducting, or optoelectronic materials is beneficial but not required.

To Apply
Please send your CV to

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Analog Electronics Test Engineer
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