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Senior Lead Product Manager - Places (Paris/Remote ð«ð·ðªðº) F/M/N

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Contenu de l'offre Senior Lead Product Manager - Places (Paris/Remote ð«ð·ðªðº) F/M/N chez Swile

Senior Lead Product Manager - Places (Paris/Remote ð«ð·ðªðº) F/M/N

Let’s Swile for a fulfilling work environment ð
Swile is the first employee super-app that offers a unified, personalized and modern experience that strengthens engagement at work!
But it's also a smart-card that brings together all your benefits: reinvented meal vouchers, gift vouchers to spoil your employees all year round, a mobility advantage to reduce your carbon impact
By combining the best of the human and technological approach, Swile undertakes to carry the current mutations of the labor market by posing as a leader of the Worktech.
Morning, noon and night, we move towards a vision of the world of work that is fulfilling for all employees!
We are currently backed by 290 million euros raised from investors such as Softbank, Index Ventures, Idinvest, Bpifrance, Daphni and Kima. Today, we have no less than 750,000 users and more than 25,000 corporate customers (including Carrefour, Le Monde, PSG, Airbnb, Spotify, Red Bull and Tik Tok).
After the acquisition of Sweevana, Briq and Vee Beneficios, we have added a string to our bow following the acquisition of a French nugget, Okarito: with Swile, it is now possible to manage business travel expenses in complete autonomy ð !
Born under the sun of Montpellier, we have offices in Paris and Sao Paulo (yes, yes, you read that right ð) and also offer remote working for positions such as this!

ð Your future position :

Swile is a beautiful unicorn scale-up with a great reputation in terms of product. However, our product team is still young and growing, which means that some engineering teams don’t yet have dedicated counterparts. It’s particularly true for platform topics - and more exactly everything that deals with user management, identity, product integrations & connectivity. These are absolutely key cross-functional topics that topics, that touch everything Swile does! As such this is a unique position that combines Product Management with a healthy dose of technical insight and know-how, in order to deliver deeply impactful functionality.
Hence, we are seeking an experienced and innovative Senior Lead Product Manager to create from scratch, own, and define Places features.
• Your role would be to work on:
Drive spendings in restaurants and in other kind of shops for our gift or mobility vouchers
Enable employees interactions within Places (invite colleagues for a specific event, share events and places...)
Enable HR to spread company culture and values by suggesting Places to organise events, lunches, to book corporate travels or to onboard new employees.
• More globally, your role will also include:
Translating our vision into a clear product roadmap (from discovery until delivery)
Interviewing customers/users to identify pain points, satisfaction, and opportunities in terms of product
Owning and being responsible for the roadmap delivery with engineering 
Setting priorities and thinking ahead to risks, anticipating issues and suggesting solutions
Defining product strategies and monitoring KPIs to improve usability
Contributing to the global growth of the product team by engaging in knowledge sharing about processes or tools implementation
ðYour future team :
The product organization at Swile is divided into 4 tribes and a design team: 

Affiliationð(you’ll be there)
You will report to Emmanuelle, our head of product for Affiliation and join a team of 3 product managers taking care of employee engagement by pinpointing the right drivers.

Your Experience ð

You have several years of experience in product related roles with mobile experience
You have a real passion for users, you are always wondering how to engage and satisfy them
You have structured product organization, made teams grow and improved delivery processes
Ability to anticipate potential risks (technical, operational, legal or business) : you always are one step ahead of current advancement, you are able to zoom in to solve operational problems as well as to zoom out to present a clear strategic roadmap. You always fight complexity.
Ability to effectively and quickly synthesize disparate information into clear recommendations, actions and decisions
Strong analytical, interpersonal and communication skills, cross-team collaboration Prove ability to work in an international context 
You’re fluent in French and English

It will be a perfect match if you are:

You are a team-player and user-centric
You are a creative thinker
You have an iterative approach to product development
You have experience using discovery techniques at scale
You are an problem solver : you always are one step ahead
You are data-driven
You have excellent communication skills (written and verbally) in English with French being a big plus
Passionate and curious: you are constantly on the lookout and like to interact with your peers … you are in a state of perpetual learning #testandlearnð 

ð Our hiring process :

First screen: a 45 minutes video interview with Charlotte from the hiring super team

Experience interview: 1h with your future manager - Emmanuelle - to challenge your hard & soft skills. A few questions are sent before the interview to help you prepare for the conversation.

Home assignment: an immersion in our environment via a practical case study where we will ask you to work on a specific subject in line with your future responsibilities. This will also give you the opportunity to project yourself in a real situation with your future colleagues! The home assignment hopefully leads to a 1h debrief call with a binome (your manager + another Swiler from the department).

Swile interview: 45 minutes an essential step, our cultural fit! This will be the opportunity for you to talk about your motivations and values by meeting 2 Swilers from other departments.

Final Round: 1h with Thijs, our CPO, to validate the last points that remain outstanding, on your side as well as ours!
ð In our process we commit to :
Being available, transparent in our feedback and show kindness during our exchanges
Considering people from all backgrounds, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion
Treating every candidate as an equal in the hiring process
Creating an inclusive and diverse team where every Swiler can thrive. We respect and value the wealth of cultures, perspectives, skills, and varied experiences within our teams, which is why we seek talented individuals from all backgrounds.

ð Our values:

At Swile, the values we hold are essential, they are part of us, our culture and our DNA. You won’t see them posted on our office walls, but rather inscribed in every Swiler. If you want to know more, you can check here !
And to confirm all this ? Nothing is better than transparency !

Paris, France /
Product – Affiliates /
Cpf final 4

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Senior Lead Product Manager - Places (Paris/Remote ð«ð·ðªðº) F/M/N
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