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Community Engagement And Content Manager Bilingual H/F

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Paris, Ile-de-France 04/05/2023
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Skintifique recherche …
Skintifique - the \"liberating skincare\" company - ambitions to improve the life and well-being of every person sensitive to their skin needs.

To that end, Skintifique offers a range of very innovative skincare products, particularly designed for skin that is sensitive or reactive. The products may BE the most efficient available in their categories, while also displaying some of the cleanest, if not the cleanest formulations, and are derived from patented technologies developed by the company's scientists.

Skintifique commercialises its products mostly \"direct-to-consumers\", via its websites and other digital channels. As of today, its largest markets are USA, France, and the UK.

The company was founded by entrepreneurs and scientists from Europe and a Harvard Professor of Medicine. Over the years, IT has gathered an exceptional group of talents, in the operational team as well as at the Board and partner levels.

We are looking for a standout, brilliant digital native and bilingual (English/French) to join the Skintifique marketing team in Paris.

This person will BE responsible for a range of activities related to developing and engaging the community of Skintifique friends, customers and advocates and managing digital content throughout digital channels (social media, website, email, chat...). This important role covers editorial planning, day to day posts and engagements, support to consumers and customers (inquiries and after-sale), aiming to increase positive engagement and revenue and grow brand awareness and equity.

Relations and Partnerships
- Identify suitable creators and advocates that fit the brand values and can create or share content (visuals, testimonials, ads...) ; develop action plans to engage high priority ones
- Manage key stakeholder relationships and partnerships end to end, from first contacts to day-to-day management to performance monitoring

Community Management (social media, website, email, chat...)
- Engage the consumer community actively and responsively - monitor and manage consumer conversations adequately, eg reacting to comments and queries, providing after-sale support and resolving unsatisfactory experiences, and identifying areas relevant for further brand engagement and enhancement
- Develop action plans for increased quality engagements throughout the existing and future company digital channels, and lead execution

- Develops and proposes the editorial line about skincare, innovation, clean cosmetics, eco-friendliness...
- Support the publishing, moderation and ongoing engagement to relevant digital platforms and channels (including websites, emailing, social media etc), and owns the ones identified with the Head of Marketing & Growth
- Actively participates in the day-to-day content creation for community engagement (in close cooperation with the other content and visual arts creators in the team) and curate all company content to ensure all deliverables are of the highest quality in both English and French

Reporting and Intelligence
- Support the wider marketing team with reporting on community engagement performance
- Regularly update and inform on new social media and community engagement insights, trends and competitor campaigns and practices
- Research and understand the diversity in communities; seek out and participate in relevant conversations that are happening in the digital and social media space - flag opportunities for further engagement

You will join a human-sized, dynamic team with high motivation for success, of which you will become a key member and BE able to bring and develop your skills.

- You are fluent in both English and French, and have a successful track record engaging individuals and communities in both languages
- You are a digital native with a clear understanding of standard social media and digital platforms, and you can efficiently use them
- You are a natural story-teller and visual communicator with good interpersonal/communication skills and passion for skincare, eco-friendliness, innovation...
- You are really excited by the opportunity to grow a young brand focused on improving the lives and well being of millions of people, and you are motivated to work hard and handle occasional pressure to mobilise and serve consumer and other communities to that end
- You combine community building and commercial minds. You are passionate about people engagement, and you love to create transformational experiences through social interactions
- You demonstrate a strong work ethic and willingness to learn, and a self-starting attitude


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Son rôle est de créer et de gérer des contenus numériques pour une marque, une entreprise ou une institution. En accord avec la stratégie de communication de l'organisation, il élabore une stratégie éditoriale pertinente pour valoriser et améliorer l’image de la marque ou de l’entreprise sur le web, sur les réseaux sociaux notamment.

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Community Engagement And Content Manager Bilingual H/F
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