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C++ Software Development Engineer – Reservation Data Security and Services team

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Nice 13e Canton, Nice 22/08/2023
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C++ Software Development Engineer – Reservation Data Security and Services team

Job Title

C++ Software Development Engineer – Reservation Data Security and Services team

Reservation is the beating heart of many Amadeus products

Business environment

Part of the Reservation organization, the Reservation Data Security and Services team is accountable of the PNR (Passenger Name Record) access security which is a critical topic for our customers. Every day, thousands of PNRs are created and might be accessible by many stakeholders (airlines, travel agencies, hotels, …) who can display the PNR data, update the PNR information, and much more. As owner of the PNR security rules, the team is accountable to make them evolve to follow GDPR mandates, avoid misusage of PNR elements to prevent fraud and design new solutions to extend the PNR security.

About the Team

The team is as well responsible of the definition of a unique PNR representation in an Open data world through Easy PNR and Open PNR and also of the maintenance of the legacy model. The Open PNR is key in the PNR long-term vision and in Amadeus projects, such as the Amadeus Open Platform where it has to follow standards. Hence, the Open PNR will grow with time, and the team is accountable of its evolution.

Summary of the Role

You will work in a Scrum team, part of the SAFe BDS (Big Data Solution) Train, dedicated to the PNR security and Open PNR. As member of the team, you will collaborate closely with the PDA and Product managers to understand the expected changes, and with the QA upon feature validation & activation. You could be also involved in technical studies to make evolve our solutions. You will participate also to the maintenance activities to investigate and give support to our clients (airlines & travel agencies).

We are looking for a skilled developer known for his/her autonomy, who can be force of proposition and who is ready to bring his/her knowledge & expertise to the existing team.

Your Main Responsibilities

Analyze specifications and define user requirements for the development of software solutions. 

Design technical solutions and perform feasibility studies according to Amadeus standard. 

Conduct unit, package and performance tests and ensure a level of quality in line with the Amadeus guidelines. 

Support the customer by debugging existing solutions in collaboration with Product Manager or Product Definition Analyst.

Produce software documentation for the application.

About the Ideal Candidate

Technical excellence 

C++ libraries 

Python tooling 

API and Data model: REST Json, Protobuf, XSD 

OTF backends 


Soft skills 

Be rigorous, committed and responsible 

Have a good team spirit 

Be open to feedback 

Have good communication skills

Agile mindset 

Be part of a Scrum team and an ART

Be owner of the decisions and deliveries 

Deliver on regular short iterations keeping in mind long term plans and commitments 

We are a global company full of the greatest innovators, delivering breakthrough solutions. We know that they deserve the best rewards, and so do you if you join our team!

We offer great benefits such as 

Be rewarded with a competitive remuneration, an individual and company bonus and enjoy many benefits. 

Work from anywhere: Flexible teleworking from 1 day per week to full weeks to full remote. You will also benefit from a home office set-up premium & monthly allowance.

Experience in an environment with unique complexity and a hardly matched criticality among the leading tech companies.

Professional development in a truly international and multisite environment with a great mix of people.    

A wide set of trainings available to broaden your knowledge and enhance your soft skills including onsite and on-line learning hubs packed of technical and soft skills to help to develop any competencies. 

6 weeks holiday, plus pension contribution and healthcare insurance.  

Enter a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Enjoy your office life: Coffee hubs to work or relax, quiet zone, flexible desks and agile areas, on site restaurants, tennis, soccer, yoga, dance, on-site sport center and classes and on-site conciergerie services.  

To build a career that is meaningful to you, we will follow you on each step of this journey by offering training, international mobility, a wide range of internal opportunities to grow your skills and different types of career paths.

Join our engineering community that counts more than 2500 members in Nice and 4000 worldwide.

Application process

The application process takes around 10 minutes to complete. You will need to create your candidate profile, upload your resume, and answer a few questions.

Once you have applied, you will receive a feedback within 48hours.

Apply now! We’re hiring as quickly as possible.

Diversity & Inclusion

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and seek to hire the best candidate regardless of age, beliefs, disability, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation.


Location: Nice

Type: Full time



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C++ Software Development Engineer – Reservation Data Security and Services team
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