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Data Scientist H/F - Solutions (6 months)

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Paris 07/11/2021
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Passionate about tech? Interested in energy and climate action? Join Kayrros, a fast-growing startup using artificial intelligence to transform the world’s biggest industries.

Kayrros is a leading data analytics company that monitors and measures energy, natural resources, and industrial activity using proprietary algorithms. We combine satellite imagery, data science and advanced mathematics to create unique insights and customer-specific solutions for better decision-making.

Our team of experts and tech wizards are working to bring transparency to energy and the environment, from crude oil tank volumes to methane emissions. In just five years, the Kayrros team has grown to include 140 experts in data science, mathematics and energy, representing over 20 nationalities and 10 spoken languages. The team works from 6 offices around the world in New York, Houston, London, Paris, Singapore and Bangalore.

In 2021 alone, Kayrros was recognized as a member of French Tech’s Green 20, signed a landmark contract with the European Space Agency and was acknowledged in the latest UNEP Global Methane Assessment report. Kayrros is building a team of talented people to positively disrupt the world’s biggest industries and reshape the future of energy and the environment.

Join us to make a difference!

We are currently recruiting for our Paris office,
a Solutions Data Scientist M/F (6 months)

The team you will be joining

Kayrros Solutions Team develops data fusion technologies to improve decision making in the energy and environment worlds. Working closely with clients, partners and Kayrros R&D, you will develop cutting edge solutions to solve complex problems using satellite imagery and alternative geospatial data.


Data scientists have a central role in Kayrros. Working in hand with the analysts and the software engineers, they contribute to the whole pipeline of projects, including scoping projects, identifying and collecting data, constructing features, designing models, visualization, testing and improving product with clients.

They face two main challenges:

The diversity of data available (they have to combine many different sources of data: text data, satellite images, time series…) The diversity of the problems (supervised, unsupervised…)

As a data scientist, you will therefore have to:

Formulate problems considering available data and value of information Design, implement and test machine learning algorithms Continuously provide ideas to improve products and take part of all team decision.

This is an ideal opportunity if you are looking for a six-month contract starting immediately, and you want to join a fast-growing start-up.

You have a strong background and are passionate about machine learning, statistics, operations research. You are very interested in various topics including deep learning, NLP, machine learning applied to time series, image and signal processing. You demonstrate experience in a least one of these areas You have strong programming skills in Python, Machine Learning libraries, data visualization packages and data manipulation. Previous exposures to GitHub and R programming preferred, or additional languages like Julia You are dynamic, curious and eager to learn about the energy industry You can design and deliver working prototypes in a fast-paced environment and then put them into production with the help of software engineers You can communicate clearly in English, including with non-technical people You are willing to contribute actively and have a real impact to the company success

Why joining Kayrros?

We are a young, fast-growing tech company and are extremely passionate about what we do. We are located in the WeWork building on Rue la Fayette, 75009 (free drinks, events and a vibrant atmosphere). You will work with an international team and practice your English (or Chinese, German, Swedish, Portuguese...) on a day to day basis.


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Data Scientist H/F - Solutions (6 months)
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