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Senior IT Strategy And Special Project Manager - Office Of The Chief Information Officer W - M - Nb H/F

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1er Arrondissement, Paris 21/09/2022
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Description de l'entreprise :

Ubisoft's 20, 000 team members, working across more than 30 countries around the world, are bound by a common mission to enrich players' lives with original and memorable gaming experiences. Their commitment and talent have brought to life many acclaimed franchises such as Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, Watch Dogs, Just Dance, Rainbow Six, and many more to come.

Ubisoft is an equal opportunity employer that believes diverse backgrounds and perspectives are key to creating worlds where both players and teams can thrive and express themselves. If you are excited about solving game-changing challenges, cutting edge technologies and pushing the boundaries of entertainment, we invite you to join our journey and help us create the unknown.

Description du poste :

As part of the team of the Chief Information Officer's Chief of Staff and VP of Special Projects, you contribute to Ubisoft IT success.

What are your objectives :
- By defining Ubisoft IT strategy on the scope assigned to you, in collaboration with IT Directors and the team of the Chief of Staff. The strategy needs to BE inspiring, precise, and explicit enough to empower IT teams to maximize their contribution to IT strategic topics. IT strategy needs also to cover both current IT activities and future needs that may appear in the future. Therefore, you will BE asked to watch for transformational opportunities for IT and potentially to organize their assessment.
- By overseeing IT Special Projects assigned to you. These projects are special by their size, their potential impact on Ubisoft Organization or by their strategic value for IT. These projects are key for IT to reach its objective, and you could BE asked a wild range of activities to ensure their success such as Project Management Support, Value Proposition Definition, Internal Communication.

Where your focus will BE :

1. General - Contribute to Chief of Staff and VP of Special Projects's team life (20%)
- Contribute to the team discussions on transversal topics (for example specific topics related to governance).
- Support your team members on major milestones (feedbacks on executive summary on specific topics, presentations for IT and Ubisoft Management, Workshop Agenda...).
- Nurture the work of your team members with your findings when relevant.

2. Define IT Strategy on the scope assigned to you (40%) :
- Build an inspiring vision aligned with Ubisoft Strategic Priorities :- Participate to talks with other departments and ensure the alignment of IT Strategy with the priorities of its business partners (HQ, Production, Global Publishing).
- Synthesis feedbacks from IT teams and ensure they are well taken into account in IT Strategy.
- Support IT Directors / VP / CIO to define their ambition on the short, medium and long term.
- Identify new value potential for IT and organize their exploration in coordination with IT Innovation Lab :- Identify new opportunities for IT, in relation with IT Strategic priorities.
- Organize and / or manage the exploration on specific topics, in coordination with IT Innovation Lab.
- Support IT teams on exploratory topics to identify blind spots, risks and challenges and adopt the right approach to mitigate them.
- Ensure a smooth transfer between Strategy and its implementation :- Support the definition of OKR aligned with IT Strategy.
- Support IT Portfolio team to prioritize initiatives which contributes most to IT Strategy.
- Support IT Communication team to dissiminate IT Strategy with Ubisoft IT and within all Ubisoft.

3. Oversee the delivery of IT special projects :
- Ensure the project management of IT Special projects :- Follow project governance and advancement, identify blockers, risks, and dependencies, set up mitigation plans potentially with the involvement of exec sponsors. Ensure communication is done efficient with all stakeholders.
- Potentially, highlight when there is a need for external resources : clarify the need, identify external resource that could BE involved, explain how the work could BE shared and define expected deliverables.
- BE directly involved on special projects to perform a variety of activities :- Make the project move forward thanks to your specific skills (Value Proposition definition, Uncertainty identification and reduction, workshop facilitation).
- Support the communication between teams that are not used to work together, even within IT or between IT and other departments.

Qualifications :

What you'll do & bring to the role :
- Strategize : assess, understand & transform business needs into strategies & solution proposals.
- Organize : determine the appropriate methods & apply best practices to reach your objectives ; analyze & synthesize information provided by stakeholders & key data points.
- Communicate with specific projects, with all IT staff, with IT business partners : produce quality executive & IT management communications both verbal & visual ; develop positive relationships with colleagues & project stakeholders to become a trusted advisor to your partners.
- De-risk : participate in the evaluation & benchmarking of IT solutions ; build frameworks to assist the IT teams to identify blind spots, risks, and challenges on their project. Support IT teams to define mitigation plan.

What foundation we need in the role :
- Proven experience with analysis, process modeling & process improvement.
- Capability of planning, tracking, managing, & resolving multiple issues & risks efficiently.
- Knowledge of value selling methodology and processes.
- Experience as a Business Analyst / Senior Business Analyst, Expertise Consultant, Senior Analyst or equivalent experiences at a leadership level within a software company or startup ; experience working across organizational boundaries on a local & global basis.
- Fluent in French & English with excellent written & oral communications.
- Strong interpersonal, including presentation, meeting facilitation & team building techniques. Good listening skills ; must have had senior level experiences & exposure to C-level, VP level & Director peer level relationships.
- Experience in IT flavored projects & their operations ; experience in agile frameworks (Scrum, Kanban).


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Senior IT Strategy And Special Project Manager - Office Of The Chief Information Officer W - M - Nb H/F
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