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Contenu de l'offre Senior UX/UI Designer chez Gameloft

Job Description

Game Lab is a Gameloft Paris team dedicated to creating innovative gameplay and concept work. It has several tasks: devising and fleshing out concept games, testing them using iterative prototyping, developing ideation tools and methods, infusing all Gameloft development teams with creativity, and helping those teams to boost the quality of their games.

As Game Lab's Senior UX/UI Designer, you'll be tasked with handling a broad range of projects to lay the groundwork for our studios' production teams around the world and for our external partners.

Your mission: Boost innovation at Gameloft and the creativity of the teams by producing innovative interfaces for prototypes and full games related to Gameloft's strategy.

About you: You are passionate about mobile and have built your career around the platform. You excel at prototyping and rapid iteration but can also be effective on longer-term projects. You are versatile and independent and can handle the interface-related artistic vision of a project on your own. You are extremely aware of mobile game-design and UX issues, and have a strong sense of what is being made on the platform. You're detail-oriented and know how to put in the little touches that will make all the difference in terms of user experience. If all this describes you, you're the perfect fit for Game Lab!


Your main responsibility will consist of designing interfaces for Game Lab's prototypes and whole games, creating wireframes, and producing and integrating elements into the game engine. You will have a broad role in all Game Lab productions to ensure that each project benefits from your expertise. You'll also work closely with Game Lab's Art Director by providing suggestions and recommendations to production teams based in Gameloft studios around the world. You'll also be tasked with creating documentation, producing market research on competitors, and suggesting potential avenues for UX/UI innovation.


You have a passion for mobile games and know the top-grossing titles like the back of your hand. For you, a job in mobile is your career of choice. You have 6 years of experience or more on mobile in an equivalent position. You have worked on projects in a variety of genres aimed at different audiences. You're as efficient when designing UX concepts as when creating UI elements. You've mastered various prototyping and design tools, such as Unity, Adobe XD, or their equivalents. You're versatile and can adapt to a fast-paced working environment where speed and innovation are key. You express yourself clearly in English and can hold a (spoken or written) technical conversation in that language. Asset: You've already been part of a prototyping cell.
Additional Information

Game Lab Offers You:

The opportunity to join a dynamic new team. The chance to be there from the beginning of the journey! Lots of varied tasks in a lively setting: You'll never get bored at Game Lab! An exceptional working environment right in the heart of Paris, halfway between Saint-Lazare Station and the Palais Opera Garnier. Other benefits at Gameloft: self-serve fresh fruit and warm beverages, lunch vouchers, competitive mutual insurance coverage.

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Senior UX/UI Designer
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