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La Défense 07/08/2022
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About Amcor Amcor is a global leader in developing and producing responsible packaging for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical, home- and personal-care, and other products. Amcor works with leading companies around the world to protect their products and the people who rely on them, differentiate brands, and improve value chains through a range of flexible and rigid packaging, specialty cartons, closures, and services. The company is focused on making packaging that is increasingly light-weighted, recyclable and reusable, and made using a rising amount of recycled content. Around 47,000 Amcor people generate US$12.5 billion in sales from operations that span about 230 locations in 40-plus countries. NYSE: AMCR; ASX: AMC

Position Job Title:
Market & Business Analyst (STAGE) BG and BU: Capsules Function: Marketing Sub-Function: Location: Colombes (Paris, France) Line Manager’s Job Title: Marketing & Communication Manager Advertising Legal Entity: Work contract Legal Entity: Contract Type: Internship

Le poste de Market & Business Analyst a pour mission d’apporter un support dans l’analyse de données marché afin d’identifier les opportunités stratégiques « Where to play » pour l’industrie des capsules en vin, spiritueux et Champagne. Les missions principales consistent à : Développer notre base de données d’études « Market Intelligence » Analyser des données marché et créer des présentations convaincantes pour engager et influencer les principales parties prenantes Développer des listes de « leads » de prospection pour soutenir l'équipe de vente
Ce poste est ouvert pour un stage de 10 à 12 mois (en alternance) ou 6 mois à temps plein (en stage de fin d’étude).
Number & Type of
Accounts : Internal Stakeholder level involvement and impact: Budget Responsibility: Geographic spread: international

Collecte et consolidation de données de marché
Identifier et qualifier les sources de données Consolider les informations sur le marché (collecter, structurer et analyser les données), en collaboration avec les ventes, le marketing et la R&D. Ces informations peuvent inclure : des données de marché, la concurrence et la collecte des prix via un réseau dédié de référents internes et externes Recueillir les tendances actuelles liées au développement durable Mettre en place une veille sur, la concurrence et les tendances de consommation pour mettre en évidence les opportunités « Where to play » en lien avec Amcor Capsules Définir des outils efficaces et faciles à utiliser par les équipes Réaliser des présentations d’analyse et en déduire des propositions d’actions en collaboration avec la responsable marketing
Générer des listes de “Leads/Prospects”
Créer une liste de prospects par région et segment de marché pour venir en soutien aux équipes de vente Mise à jour permanente de cette liste et partage avec les équipes
Communication & interactions: Mise en place d’un moyen de communication avec les équipes pour informer des tendances et informations en provenance du marché Travailler en étroite collaboration avec les Chefs de Projets Communication et Marketing au sein de l’équipe Accompagner les équipes commerciales dans leur activité de prospection

Remises d’analyses de marché Développement d’outils performants de collecte de données

Qualifications et expérience Ecole de commerce – Niveau Bac+4 ou Bac+5 (fin d’études). Une expérience précédente (stage) dans une fonction similaire. Anglais courant La maitrise de langues supplémentaires (par exemple, l'allemand, l'espagnol) sont un plus L'expérience de l'emballage est utile mais pas une condition préalable
Compétences nécessaires au poste
Solides compétences analytiques, souci du détail À l'aise dans l'utilisation d'outils internes pour la collecte de données Maitrise complète d'Excel Aisance à communiquer avec les équipes et à la réalisation de présentations (Maitrise de Powerpoint) À l'aise à l’idée de travailler au sein d’un environnement multiculturel, opérant efficacement avec des personnes à tous les niveaux et dans toutes les fonctions de l'organisation.

Position Job Title:
Market & Business Analyst (INTERNSHIP) BG and BU: Capsules Function: Marketing Sub-Function: Location: Colombes (Paris, France) Line Manager’s Job Title: Marketing & Communication Manager Advertising Legal Entity: Work contract Legal Entity: Contract Type: Internship

The Market & Business Analyst will provide analytical support and evaluate market data in order to identify actionable strategic opportunities on “where to play” for the capsules business and key stakeholders.
The job will consist in: Execute market/opportunity analysis and create compelling presentations to engage and influence key stake holders Support the development of market intelligence capabilities Develop lead prospection lists to support the sale team
This position is open for an internship of 10 months (part time) or 6 months (full time). Reports to the Marketing and Communication manager.

Number & Type of
Accounts : Internal Stakeholder level involvement and impact: Budget Responsibility: Geographic spread: global

Market data collection and consolidation
Identify and valid data sources Consolidate market intelligence (collecting, structuring and analysing data) to build actionable market & customer insights, working with sales, marketing and R&D This information may include: market data, competition and pricing collection across the cluster through a dedicated network of internal and external referents Gather data related to Sustainability Monitor market, consumers and competition trends to highlight “where to play” opportunities for Amcor applications Define efficient and easy to use tools to collect Perform analysis around the data retrieve & drive actions in collaboration with Marketing Manager
Lead generation:
Create list of leads per regions and market segments to support sales teams Keep updating this list and inform sales teams
Communications & Interactions:
Ongoing communication of market trends and competitor news to all relevant stakeholders Work in close collaboration with Marketing & Communication Projects Leaders Support the sales teams in their activity of prospection

Market data analysis presentations Efficient tools set up
Qualifications & Requirements

Formal Qualifications and Experience Business school (Master Degree in preparation) A previous experience (internship) in a market intelligence function Fluent English. Additional European languages (e.g. French, German, Spanish) are a plus Packaging experience is useful but not a prerequisite
Specific Skills and Abilities
Strong conceptual and analytical skills, attention to details Comfortable in using internal tools for collection of data Advanced Excel skills Communication and presentation skills (Good knowledge of Powerpoint use.) Comfortable with multi-cultural team, operating effectively with people at all levels and across all functions of the organization, building and maintaining relationship
Amcor Leadership Framework

Drive Vision & Purpose Can identify personal meaning in contributing to the vision and strategy of Amcor. Is optimistic and supportive and contributes to their business environment. Is curious and is forward-looking. Understands and lives the Amcor Values.
Strategic Mindset
Contributes to the practical planning of work processes. Understands and evaluates consequences of own decisions and actions. Thinks in terms of present problems and contributes to resolving them. Pays attention to trends and issues that may impact own work in the future.
Sets Priorities & Drives Results
Sets the right priorities to complete assigned tasks. Demonstrates a strong desire to do a task satisfactory. Understands the meaning and implications of basic key performance indicators. Maintains a positive attitude and performs despite adversity (e.g. tough market situation, cost pressure, tight project timelines).
Customer Focus
Knows who their internal and external customers are. Contributes with their actions to providing high quality services or products for their (internal and/or external) customers. Builds constructive relationships and maintains a professional network within and outside the organization. Shows interest and has a basic understanding of Amcor products.
Cultivates Innovation
Creates new ideas or develops alternative ways to solve problems (e.g. by being resourceful). Supports (in a creative way) the continuous improvement of work methods and procedures. Welcomes input from others to develop and implement creative ideas. Extracts lessons learned from failures and mistakes.
Attracts & Develops Talent
Shows personal commitment and acts to continuously improve (e.g. accepts tasks that broaden own capabilities). Learns from new experiences, from others and from structured learning. Is open and seeks direct feedback. Provides feedback to others and shares own learnings as well as success stories.
Engages People & Teams
Collaborates actively with others and cares about fellow team members (e.g. shows empathy and provides support). Tries to understand other points of view and acts in an inclusive manner. Shows personal commitment and engagement. Contributes actively to establishing a positive team morale. Demonstrates a willing AMCOR FLEXIBLES EMEA With more than 55 plants in 22 countries , Amcor Flexibles Europe, Middle East and Africa (AFEMEA), a division of Amcor, is a market leader and the world's largest supplier of flexible packaging. We deliver innovative packaging solutions and provide enhanced quality products for the food, beverage, pharma, personal care, medical and industrial markets. Its award winning approach towards sustainability makes AFEMEA the preferred partner for customers looking for responsible packaging solutions.


Zoom sur le métier de : Marketing Business Analyst

Son rôle consiste à analyser le processus d’information et les stratégies mis au service de la prise de décision quotidienne de sa société afin d’en évaluer l’efficacité ou d’apporter les ajustements nécessaires.

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Internship Market & Business Analyst
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