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Paris 07/06/2022
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Our mission: to simplify international transportation through technology and data ! ✈️

Founded in 2017, Ovrsea is a new generation freight forwarder that uses technology to simplify and optimize international transportation for companies. We support more than 600 companies such as Engie, Vinci, Devialet, Sézane or even Nuxe in more than 60 countries in their international freight transport.

We allow our customers to manage all their transport issues in a few clicks from our web interface, from quotation to invoicing, by digitizing the entire transport tracking experience. We have also developed an in-house platform to facilitate the operational management of our customers' transports in order to best meet their needs in record time.

Ovrsea, a fast-growing company ...*

The year 2021 has been strategic for Ovrsea: Since January 2021, we have joined forces with the Bolloré Group to accelerate our development and we have recruited 50 people.

2022 promises to be an even more challenging year with the recruitment of 100+ people, the opening of 4 new international offices and thus expand on the international market! Moreover we plan to triple our revenue for the third year in a row.

Are you ready to join us and be a part of our development ?*

The Data Team : *

Composed of three people and in full growth in the year to come, the Data team’s main objectives are to serve our various teams in order to free up their work & make them more efficient and productive, but also to work on long-term AI projects to unlock growth levers for the company.

This includes : *

Providing business teams with key data and indicators to monitor their activity and their customers’ health, and automate certain tasks to allow them to focus on higher added value ones

Building AI algorithms to take our products to the next level: price and transit time predictions, automated document parsing, scoring and attrition models, etc.

The Data team is associated with the Tech team that develops the customer platform as well as the internal transportation management platform. Through this internal platform, the Software Engineers have the chance to develop an internal product: it allows them to iterate much faster (several deployments per day), to test many things and to have some freedom of action.

The data team's challenges in 2022 : *

Improve our stack and integration practices to support scaling: in particular with an efficient and reliable data transformation pipeline
Add value to the product by creating useful algorithms (we are working on automatically extracting data from the pdf documents uploaded by our clients on the platform)
Promote data consumption and data-driven decisions in all the teams
Make sure that we follow best practice and make the right decisions to accompany the scale up of Ovrsea and the growth of all teams
Anticipate the upcoming needs and challenges, and make sure we are ready to face them with reliable processes, tests, tools, organization and best practices.

What does it mean being a Data Analyst at OVRSEA ?*

Data Analysts are at the interface of all the teams at OVRSEA. They bring value to other teams with insightful and actionnable analyses. They also take part in building a state-of-the-art data system.
At OVRSEA, we believe that the analytical workforce belongs to the business teams, and to that end, we do everything to promote self-BI.

Everybody at OVRSEA uses Metabase (our BI tool), and every user can run analyses through it thanks to a very intuitive interface and the refined data we provide them
The data team provides ready-to-use tables to the teams. One of the missions of the data analyst is to identify the needs of the teams in terms of BI, and create the adapted datasets to let the business teams run analyses autonomously.

Thanks to the self BI, 80% of the data needs from the business teams are covered. The remaining 20% is the part that is too complex to be handled through Metabase’s interface, and is tackled by the data team.

A complete and efficient self BI system allows us to greatly reduce the support part and only keep the most complex and intellectually challenging support requests.

As a data analyst, you will also, and mostly, work on advanced analytics for the different business teams. We use OKRs and KPIs to prioritize the different topics each quarter, and the data team works closely with one Data Champion from each team, to make sure that they have actionnable data, and proactively identify data needs. Among the key topics are the internationalization of our operations, allocations (negotiated space), our quality of service...

Your missions will be divided into 3 parts : *

Advanced analytics for business teams (50%)*

Work on projects for business teams, with a goal in mind (as part of the OKR and KPIs plan)
Run analyses, and make sure that you deliver insightful and actionnable data.
Present your results, and make sure that the teams are able to leverage them
Discuss with each Data Champion to identify the current and upcoming needs of their team, in order to proactively provide them with the data they need

Model creation and BI (30%)*

The idea behind Self BI is that any user can run analyses. For that, they need to rely on pre-processed tables. To that end, you will play a major part in:
Creating the pre-processed tables : we use Python and SQL (with dbt)
Making sure that they are documented and tested
Enforcing the single source of truth both in our code and in people’s minds
Proactively identifying the tables you could create to make the business teams more autonomous in their analyses and their data consumption
Contributing to keeping Metabase , our BI tool, structured, organized and insightful

Data Support (20%)*

The data support should only represent a small part in the data consumed by the teams, thanks to the advanced analytics and the self BI. The remaining data support consists of high-added-value complex analytics for the other teams. The data support consist of:
Questioning the business need and making sure it is relevant
Running the analyses
Making sure that they are actionnable: always think of the “so what ?”, actionability is key

Who are we looking for ?*

You are used to working in a startup environment
You are highly organized, rigorous and autonomous
You have more than 2 years of experience as a Data Analyst
You are fluent in SQL and have a very analytical mindset
You are able to think of the business need, not just a solution
You have managed and/or participated in projects with demanding stakeholders
You are a good pedagogue, and you like to pass on knowledge
You want to be part of a growing team, and contribute to the choices that will carry our growth in the coming years

What will you find at Ovrsea ?

The opportunity to join one of the French Tech companies in hyper-growth, to participate in an incredible human adventure and in the international transport revolution
The opportunity to work independently on various projects in collaboration with other teams and with a high degree of responsibility
A team of talented people who all share a strong team identity: analytical spirit, quality of execution and willingness to learn
Horizontal management and a high degree of initiative
A unique working environment at the foot of Montmartre!
50% of the cost of your transport ticket is covered
Swile card (5,5 euros paid by Ovrsea for your meals)
Alan mutual insurance (80% of the cost is covered by Ovrsea)
Team bonus (intéressement)
Regular events (afterworks, team lunch, culture sharing, ...)

Still not convinced ?

You can watch this short video to familiarize you with our culture and to learn more about Ovrsea’s #1 value: Pedagogy.

This value translates into: the implementation of webinars, PIC and PEC (our internal and external cultural presentations), a culture of knowledge sharing via Notion, an onboarding promoting a complete immersion in the world of international freight-forwarding, … and more !

You are planning to join us ? Don't hesitate anymore and apply to join the crazy Ovrsea adventure ! ✈️*

Our recruitment process : *

Introductory HR call - 20 min
Fit and project interview - 45 min
Presentation and discussion about a technical case to prepare at home - 1h30
Meeting with the team in our office
The final proposal !

At Ovrsea, we are committed to an inclusive recruitment process and to fostering diversity within our teams._

Job Type: Permanent



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