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Accelerator - Senior Data Analyst - All Gender

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Le Neubourg, Evreux 28/12/2022
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Accelerator - Senior Data Analyst - All Gender

Le contenu du poste est libellé en anglais car il nécessite de nombreuses interactions avec nos filiales à l'international, l'anglais étant la langue de travail.


Who we are in a nutshell

We are a global biopharmaceutical company focused on human health. Our purpose is to find treatment to fight pain and ease suffering. We combine breakthrough science and advanced technology to develop life-changing medicines and vaccines.

Digital & Data is at the heart of Sanofi: our ambition is to be the leading digital healthcare platform to develop & deliver medicine faster, enable healthcare professionals to improve treatments and help patients improve their health. Our scale, strong connections within health ecosystems across leveraging the world, and ability to leverage Sanofi’s capabilities make us the best place to push the boundaries of medicine through technology.

Why joining Sanofi Digital

Executive sponsorship and governance, with newly appointed CDO & leadership team
Digital & data culture in place with agile ways of working and a strong ecosystem (Sanofi Ventures, BD Partnerships)
Unique diversity of medical & technical challenges, with mobility opportunities
Awarded “Top Employers France” 2021

And more specifically, why “Accelerator powered by Sanofi”

A new entity launched March 1st to Become the leading Digital Health platform
A separate location, in WeWork (Paris 75017), 5 minutes walk away from the future Sanofi HQ location
Startup-like streamlined processes to ensure delivery speed
Focused on end-to-end building the most transformative and profitable products

The products you will work on

We are building next-gen health & digital products, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, including:

Digital Health products improving the patient experience and treatment adherence, through innovative digital products (Software as Medical Devices)

Connected ecosystem solutions such as patients’ glycemic control & full disease management, leveraging connected pens
Symptoms checking apps able to understand disease and track symptoms
Remote treatment solutions providing individual recommendations, accessible by anyone, anytime, anywhere
Personalized care model informed by AI to identify symptoms’ early signals and recommend corrective actions to the patient and the care giver

Omnichannel products supporting multi-channel engagement with healthcare providers & patients

Multi-channel digital targeting platform to deliver tailored digital campaigns
Machine learning and predictive analytics to improve engagement (calls, chats) based on feedback
Recommendation engines for cross selling/up-selling and next-best action delivery to sales reps
Tailored content delivery based on preference and viewing history

Digital Marketing products optimizing marketing campaign’s reach and impact

Market analytics tools to understand key dynamics across categories and identify growth/uplift potential
Strategic allocation tools, able to dynamically model impact of different scenarios and achieve sales targets
Tactical allocation tools, with built-in ROI response modelling, at “brand x touchpoint level”


You as a Data Analyst

As a Data Analyst, you will have a direct impact on the business by deriving insights from Data and ensuring the quality, usability, and security of Sanofi’s data. You are analytical, creative, and collaborative. You have keen attention to detail and take the time to understand our stakeholders’ data needs and challenges. You continually seek to improve your knowledge of new technologies and industry standards to drive the development of simple, yet effective solutions. You enjoy partnering with stakeholders to design and implement data management best practices and procedures. You are a self-starter, see challenges as opportunities, and are results oriented. You take pride knowing your work enables innovation and helping Sanofi build better solutions.

Your key responsibilities will be

Perform data analysis and provide input to solution design and architecture to ensure the solution meets requirements
Extracts, aggregates, manipulates, categorizes, cleans, and transforms data associated within an identified problem space
Performs exploratory data analysis and feature generation
Identify, analyze, and interpret trends or patterns in complex data sets
Drive alignment across stakeholders on enterprise data models and definitions
Partner with stakeholders to get buy-in on, develop, and implement Sanofi’s data management standards, policies, and best practices
Actively solicit stakeholder feedback on solutions and drive improvements as needed
Gather requirements needed to sustainably implement data management standards
Recommend KPIs and develop reports to monitor adoption of and adherence to data management standards


Key Functional requirements & qualifications

Strong understanding of databases and data structures
Experience with process design, implementation, and improvement
Exposure to tools used to support data management, specifically business glossary and metadata management, data cataloging, and data quality
Strong ability to identify, quantify, and effectively raise business risks associated with data quality or non-compliance
Experience developing best Lean & Agile practices, policies, and/or procedures
Rigorous, attention to detail to map data systems and curious to understand what is behind each data field
Understanding of privacy laws and regulations

Key Technical requirements & qualifications

Strong experience in SQL writing and profiling of Data & Python
Strong capacity to develop consistent, clear analysis and report potential issues
Familiarity with data science methods and scaling data science methods
Good knowledge of cloud computing and data storages. Knowing AWS is a plus
Excel, PowerPoint, Word
One or multiple of the following visualization skills: Tableau, PowerBI, seaborn, matplolib, plotly, ggplot, bokeh
Project management & support: JIRA projects & service desk, Confluence, Teams
Knowledge of Informatica Suite of Tools

Soft and behavioral skills

Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Experience working with multiple teams to drive alignment and results
Service-oriented, flexible, positive team player
Self-motivated, takes initiative
Problem solving & critical thinking

Your background

3-5 years of experience as Data Analyst
Preferred qualifications: Master’s Degree in Data Analytics, Mathematics, Economics, Computer Science, Information Management or Statistics
Experience in a healthcare company is a strong plus


At Sanofi diversity and inclusion is foundational to how we operate and embedded in our Core Values. We recognize to truly tap into the richness diversity brings we must lead with inclusion and have a workplace where those differences can thrive and be leveraged to empower the lives of our colleagues, patients and customers. We respect and celebrate the diversity of our people, their backgrounds and experiences and provide equal opportunity for all.

As part of its diversity commitment, Sanofi is welcoming and integrating people with disabilities.


Location: Paris

Type: Full time



Zoom sur le métier de : Marketing Business Analyst

Son rôle consiste à analyser le processus d’information et les stratégies mis au service de la prise de décision quotidienne de sa société afin d’en évaluer l’efficacité ou d’apporter les ajustements nécessaires.

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Accelerator - Senior Data Analyst - All Gender
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