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Aceto Corporation is a value added distributor transforming toward pharmaceuticals. Founded in 1947, is an international marketing, sales and distribution company organized into three business segments. Human Health:Finished Dosage Form Generics and Nutritionals. This includes Rising Pharmaceuticals, our generic branded pharmaceutical subsidiary (www.risingpharma.com). Pharmaceutical Ingredients: Pharmaceutical Intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). Performance Chemicals: Specialty Chemicals and Agricultural Protection Products. What makes Aceto unique? Aceto functions as a virtual manufacturing company, distributing more than 1,100 chemical compounds used principally as raw materials or finished products. With business operations in nine countries, Aceto’s global reach is distinctive in the industry, enabling the Company to source and supply quality products on a worldwide basis. Leveraging local professionals, Aceto sources more than two-thirds of its products from Asia, buying from approximately 500 companies in China and 200 in India. Global Technical Network – A strong global technical network differentiates Aceto from commodity distribution companies. With regional managers in the United States, Europe and Asia, Aceto provides regulatory support and quality assurance for customers and suppliers worldwide. Aceto’s regulatory network ensures that the product quality is manufactured to applicable required standards and conforms to customer specifications for its intended end use. Experienced Staff – Highly experienced staff, one-third of whom are technically trained, enable Aceto to meet individual customer needs. Our marketing, sales, regulatory and technical professionals possess an intimate knowledge of worldwide sources of supply and product applications, as well as statutory and technical requirements.

Source : Linkedin Mai 2018
Aceto Corporation, incorporated in 1947, is an international company engaged in the marketing, sale and distribution of Human Health products, Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Performance Chemicals.
Source : Twitter Juillet 2018

Détail sur l'entreprise

  • Activité : Location de terrains et d'autres biens immobiliers
  • Secteur : Health Care
  • Nombre d'employés : 0 salarié (2004)
  • Chiffre d'affaire : $500M-$1B
  • Nature juridique : Autre société civile 
  • Tech :
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  • Code APE : 6820B
  • Date information : 16/02/2004
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