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AI Group is a global leader in fire protection against severe industrial risks. It develops, designs, manufactures and maintains turnkey systems, skids, equipment, vehicles, foam and dry chemical for industrial fire protection. We manufacture all the equipement at our site in Naintré France, leveraging the state of the art technology. Our location in the heart of Paris allows us to be rapidly available to visit and support our customers worldwide. AI Group is active in the following industries: Oil & Gas, Chemical, Nuclear, Pharma, Specialty chemicals, Defense, Logistics (ports and airports). The best labels and references of the industry are available. AI Group mission is to deliver the best technological solution to allow our customers and customers'? customers to have the highest competitive advantage in the market to protect their people and assets. AI Group company values are based on the 4KP (four key pillars): - TEAM : Our employees are at the core of our future, we will develop each of us, we will treat each other with the highest respect and we will have the highest standard of integrity and we will create an open, honest and familiar environment - CUSTOMERS : We want that our customers are successful thanks to our solutions and we will do our best to always put them in a comfort zone in any situation they may face providing the optimum support - INNOVATION : We want to be unique by improving our technologies and allowing the world to become a safer place via our solutions and way of doing - PERFORMANCE: We will strive to excel, we will honor each commitment we make and we will take personal accountability for all actions and results, we will train ourselves to become the best in what we do

Source : Linkedin Mai 2018

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