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Since the beginning, the Artcurial group has been managed by Nicolas Orlowski who is currently the chairman and CEO of the company. He has gathered men and women who share the same passion for art and a strong desire to carry out business. Today, Artcurial is an iconic place in the heart of Paris, the Hotel Particulier is located at the corner of the Champs Elysées and Avenue Montaigne and is a living space open to the city. It houses one of the most important art bookshop in France, a restaurant, Artcurial Private Sales, Agence Artcurial Culture (cultural engineering) and of course, a successful auction house covering all the major specialist fields: from Beaux-Arts to Decorative Arts, Collectors’ Cars, jewellery and watches, Fine wine and spirits. In less than 15 years, the auction house has acquired an international status and quickly became the leader of the French market with two sale venues, Paris and Monaco, achieving an overall sales total of 191,1 M€ in 2017 (20 M€ in 2002 when the auction house was founded). Artcurial further affirms its presence abroad with offices in Brussels, Milan, Vienna, Munich and Monaco and an onsite presence in Beijing and Tel Aviv as well as twice yearly exhibitions in New York. In October 2015, the auction house held its first sale in Hong Kong and Morocco. On November 2017, Artcurial announced the acquisition of John Taylor Group, one of the oldest and most prestigious real estate network in the world. With this acquisition financed entirely with its own funds, Artcurial signs its first external growth operation at a large scale. The Artcurial group is also a shareholder of Arqana, the leading auction house dealing with horse sales established in Deauville. Arqana totals 136 million euros in sales in 2017.

Source : Linkedin Mai 2018
Artcurial maison internationale de vente aux enchères. ¼uvres d'art et objets de collection. Ventes de gré à gré
Source : Twitter Juillet 2018

Détail sur l'entreprise

  • Ville : PARIS 8
  • Localisation : 7 RPT CHAMPS ELYSEES M. DASSAULT, 75008 PARIS 8
  • Activité : Autres commerces de détail spécialisés divers
  • Secteur : Consumer Discretionary
  • Nombre d'employés : 6 à 9 salariés (2016)
  • Chiffre d'affaire : $10M-$50M
  • Nature juridique : SA à conseil d'administration (s.a.i.)
  • Tech :
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  • Code APE : 4778C
  • Date information : 03/11/2017
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