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Astorg is a European private equity group with over €4 bn of assets under management. Astorg has an investment track record of over 20 years as an independent fund management partnership. Since 1998, Astorg has concluded 43 transactions, generating an annualised portfolio return of 27% on the 33 realised investments. The strong performance has been delivered steadily, across several economic cycles and a once-in-a-century financial crisis. Furthermore, it has been achieved while maintaining a loss rate of less than 2% on all capital invested since 1998. These numbers speak to Astorg's responsible and prudent approach, while showing our ability to add shareholder value by providing adequate capital structures and sound strategic guidance. With our latest fund of €2.1 billion, raised in 2016, we focus on acquiring European-based global leaders in B2B niche business with differentiated products and services, pricing power, high barriers to entry and strong growth potential. These companies are typically valued between €200 million and over €1 billion. Astorg is an active partner in improving the business that it owns and in creating long-term strategic value. By concentrating on a limited number of companies within a single fund, we are able to : - Participate actively in the key strategic decisions. - Share experience to optimise key functional performance drivers. - Initiate opportunities for incremental performance improvement. - Support capital injections for increasing capacity or R&D developments. - Identify, unlock and execute acquisitions to expand international reach. - Support professional reinforcement of the management team when needed. Astorg has offices in Paris, London, Frankfurt and Luxembourg and comprises an investment team of 30 professionals.

Source : Linkedin Mai 2018

Détail sur l'entreprise

  • Ville : PARIS 8
  • Localisation : 4 RUE D'ASTORG, 75008 PARIS 8
  • Activité : Activités combinées de soutien lié aux bâtiments
  • Nombre d'employés : 1 ou 2 salariés (2016)
  • Nature juridique : Syndicat de copropriété 
  • Code APE : 8110Z
  • Date information : 08/06/2016
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