Site web Twitter LinkedIn Rédiger un avis sur Nidera Founded in 1920 in Rotterdam (The Netherlands), our privately held company employs around 3,800 people in 22 countries.
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NIDERA HAS A LONG AND SUCCESSFUL HISTORY! 1988: Foundation - Sunflower development program; - Acquisition of Venado Tuerto facility. 1989: - Acquisition of Asgrow Seeds; - First long-cycle undetermined variety was launched. 1992/1996: - Introduction of high- performance hybrid corn seeds in Argentina; - Acquisition of La Ballenera facility; - First soybean varieties with sulfonyurea resistance and RR in Argentina. 1998/2003: - Enters Paraguay and Uruguay Markets; - First Clearfield® hybrid in the market including glyphosate resistance; - Venado Tuerto facility expansion. 2005: - Acquisition of Bayer Brazilian seeds operations; - First GMO varieties in Paraguay. 2008/20015: - NA 5009 RR, the most planted soybean variety in Argentina; - Sunflower germplasm licensing in Europe. 2014: - COFCO announces acquisition of a majority stake in Nidera; - NA 5909 RR recognized as the most planted soybean variety in Brazil. 2017: Syngenta announces acquisition of Nidera Seeds. OUR VALUES - Connect to the farmer - Dream big - Speak your mind - Promise and deliver - Make your team proud of you - Be agile - Enjoy the journey! Webpages: http://www.niderasemillas.com.ar http://www.niderasementes.com.br

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Founded in 1920 in Rotterdam (The Netherlands), our privately held company employs around 3,800 people in 22 countries.
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Détail sur l'entreprise

  • Ville : 3016 DE ROTTERDAM
  • Localisation : Willemsplein 492, 3016 DR Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Activité : Autres activités de soutien aux entreprises n.c.a.
  • Secteur : Consumer Staples
  • Nombre d'employés : 0 salarié (2004)
  • Nature juridique : Société étrangère non immatriculée au RCS 
  • Tech :
    microsoft_exchange_online microsoft_office_365 outlook go_squared google_analytics
  • Code APE : 8299Z
  • Date information : 14/03/2013
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