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Senior Technical Sales W - M H/F

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Pantin, Bobigny 12/01/2023
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BP2S - Market and Financing Services - Senior Technical Sales H/F

Promote and develop MFS activities

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Your mission if you accept IT ?

Fully integrated in the BNP Paribas Group, BNP Paribas Corporate and Institutional Banking (CIB) is a leading provider of solutions to two client franchises : corporates and institutional, and operates across EMEA (Europe Middle East Africa), APAC (Asia Pacific) and the Americas. The bank is a global leader in Debt Capital Markets and Derivatives. IT is a top European house in Equity Capital Markets and IT has leading franchises in Specialized Financing. In Securities Services, IT is a top five house worldwide.

Market and Financing Services (MFS) business line of BNP Paribas Securities Services acts as a central actor in the provision of financing and liquidity solutions for the BNP Paribas Securities Services client base. We notably offer :
- FX and Passive Currency Overlay (PCO) services, which are key products in our offer. Including automated netting services, on demand FX execution services, passive currency overlay services including the identification of currency risk, the calculation of FX exposures and hedging adjustments, the execution of transactions and monitoring cash flows.
- Securities Lending services : including agency lending and principal lending activities, for asset classes including : government debt, corporate bonds, equities and ETFs. Principal lending including a fail coverage programme for local custody clients.
- Financing Solutions : solutions that maximise the use of securities while maintaining access and movement to cover trading obligations. Clients benefit from global credit facilities to cover funding needs including failed settlements and on-exchange margin calls. Solutions include Private Capital Financing, FoHF Financing and Assets Based in Custody (ABC) Financing.

Purpose & Scope of the position :

The purpose of the role is to develop and promote BNP Paribas Securities Services' Markets & Financing (MFS) business for Agency & Principal Securities Lending, Foreign Exchange and Passive Currency Overlay with our regional client base. The incumbent will work in tandem with local client development/FIC teams, local and global trading teams, MFS structuring, client management teams and senior management teams. This will entail maximising the generation of new business sourced from clients and prospects in Europe focusing on :
- Prospects identified providing product, RFP and engagement support.
- Existing clients in BNP Paribas identified via ongoing analysis of their portfolios, investment activities and planned activities (e.g. transitions).
- Representing MFS in client industry seminars, conferences and events, including speaking or press opportunities where appropriate.
- Ongoing engagement and training with the CIB client development/FIC teams and actively promoting MFS Agency Lending service internally and externally.

Key Responsibilities of the role :

Sales initiatives and campaign
- Identification of key opportunities.
- Analysis of potential revenues.
- RFP support.
- Participation in client presentations.
- Commercial and solution support in legal negotiations.

Follow up to ensure measured handover from sales to client management during the on-boarding process
- Ongoing support of client management for new/cross sell product initiatives.
- Contribute to the annual sales plan, in order to meet/exceed revenue forecasts and targets.
- Deliver performance of the annual sales plan, measuring/monitoring progress objectively and ensuring financial performance is achieved through delivery of long term, stable revenue streams on a profitable basis.
- IT is specifically noted that the incumbent will have personal sales targets and YTD revenues will BE assessed on a bi-annual basis versus these sales targets.
- Responsibility to liaise with the client development team and support any sourced leads or referrals, opportunities.
- Develop and maintain market intelligence, knowledge and awareness.
- Negotiate pricing proposals, respecting all product pricing strategies (as per Global Markets guidelines, policy and in-line with the principles of Securities Services and BNP Paribas Conduct).
- Manage and maintain pipeline and Client Vision in conjunction with client development and sales teams.
- Fully adhere to Compliance and Risk policies ensuring that during the on-boarding process all Business Acceptance Committee Bac , Client Acceptance Committee (CAC), Know Your Customer (KYC) and Credit submissions are managed within the required timeframe, in line with all formal procedures and in co-ordination with the relevant Client Management, Client Development or FIC team as relevant.

Key performance indicators :
- New business / revenue targets.
- Core business management KPIs (pricing policies etc.).
- Core Conduct KPI's.
- Initiative go-live KPI's.

The work environment is important !

You will BE located at Grands Moulins de Pantin. You can reach the office by different ways : RER E (Pantin station), Subway Line 5 (Hoche Station), Tramway Line 3 (Ella Fitzgerald Station), or bicycle.

What is next ?

The position will allow you to gain expertise. Your curiosity and your involvement will allow you to develop your network and evolve to other Sales position within BNP Paribas Group.

What about remuneration ?

This is an important subject, which will of course BE addressed. We will value your experience and your journey.

Why joining BNP Paribas ?

Our world is changing : the way we inform ourselves, consume... and work too ! Today, what counts in a job is to live real experiences, to learn, to share objectives and results with colleagues. In short, to chart your own path differently, responsibly and sustainably. At BNP Paribas, we recruit our employees with the idea that they will help us design the world and the bank of tomorrow.

Would you like to know all the reasons why you should join us ? Visit :


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Senior Technical Sales W - M H/F
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