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Dir opérations financ I

Major Responsibility :

• Develop Trade Finance (TF) as a sales differentiator : strategic partnership :

 Manage and continue to improve Manitowoc Finance (today with 2 main partnerships); This includes contract review, set and manage trade Financing objectives, subisidy budget, action plan & results; all these actions shall be managed taking in consideration Global Worldwide existing partnerships.

o In a competitive financing market, react quickly to develop adequate tools with our partners .Premanent promotion of our existing financing tools and Manitowoc Finance brand name is also part of his/her objectives

• Develop TF as a sales differentiator : competitiveness:

 Maintain and develop relationships with financing institutions to ensure competitive and attractive financing solutions for our customers, in countries where there is no partnership or where our partners have reached the limit of commitment they can afford.

• Develop TF as a sales differentiator : pro active initiatives :

 Develop a pro-active approach on the customer’s needs identification, especially on emerging countries. In that regard and also in relation with day to day monitoring of Trade Finance, participate to the sales meetings and if required visit customers with sales

• Manage and monitor day to day TF activities:  risk management and team coordination :

 Manage a Trade Finance team of 3 direct reports handling Europe, Middle East, Africa & India . He/She will manage directly APAC region 

Validate backlog approval from a financing standpoint to enable inclusion in production plan and to later on allow delivery. Weekly review of Crane order border shall take place with Trade Finance team; he/she needs to support teams by finding solution to allow validation in crane order border or needs to elevate the issue.

 Coordinate with Trade Finance team the day to day financing of sales and produce a monthly report & weekly alert on Trade Finance activities (key customers/dealers follow up)to VP Treasurer.

 Coordinate the authorization process for financing schemes requesting a company’s commitment and negotiate buyback and remarketing agreements

• Supervise Credit Management : risk management :

o Complete, maintain and check appropriate follow up of procedures for credit management (delegation of authorities, model for setting credit limits,...)

o Conduct monthly review of the ageing balance and provide support to local finance team to improve the situation & to decide actions for outstanding overdue and reduction of DSO;

o Manage directly the recovery of key customer failures              

• Supervise Floor plan and Worldwide Dealer financing program : financing tool management :

o With Manitowoc Finance partners monitor floor plan programs;  with his/her team set credit limit and follow them with our global partner;  make sure limits are always in adequation of needs to allow 100% financing at any time. 

o Monitor Worldwide Dealer financing program (360 days Coface program that benefit Crane Worldwide) ; with his/her team manage the monthly remittance and provide the proper reporting internally and externally. Renewal will be negotiated with the support of Group Treasurer .

o He/She will be in charge of promoting the 360 day program to all Manitowoc entities.

• Supervise Credit Insurance  : Credit risk management :

o Is responsible of our global worldwide credit insurance ; Oversees all aspects of our export credit insurance program with our today credit insurer. He/She works in collaboration with our insurance brokers to overall manage the policies. Make sure all monthly and quaterly report are provided to our credit insurer and to Group Treasurer; Renewal negotiation will take place with support of Group Treasurer.

o In charge of training local finance team on credit insurance and usage of our insurance program and tool. Conduct regular review of credit insurance needs with trade finance team and local finance team, and organize with our broker adequate credit request to our insurance.

• Work closely with APAC& EMEA Treasury on daily cash aspect and provide adequate and timely report :

o As Trade FInance Director work closely on cash aspect with APAC & EMEA Treasury 

o He/She will have to provide monthly, quaterly report to Coporate, respect SOX ; internal and compliance policies.

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Dir opérations financ I
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