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Communication Manager

 Our Company

As the world leader in alternative animal proteins, Innovafeed contributes to the construction of a sustainable food system by developing a pioneering and innovative industry: the breeding and processing of insects (Hermetia Illucens fly).
Our mission:
- Dealing with global protein deficit by strengthening our food systems
To have a positive overall environmental impact based on circular economy and inspired by natural food chains;
To generate territorial economic dynamism : in order to feed and raise our larvaes, we are co-located with agro-industrial partners that provide us with co-products and low footprint energy.
Incorporated in 2016, Innovafeed manufactures and sells 3 different insect-based products:
· Insect protein for a more sustainable and qualitative aquaculture, especially for feeding salmon and trout ð
· Insect oil for feeding animals (like pig and poultry), in the context of sustainable farming respectful of animal welfare ð 
·  Insect feces used as an effective organic fertilizer ð
The success of our project depends on a dynamic and talented team sharing the same values and driven by a common objective : to continue our development as a world leader in the animal nutrition market !
In order to support this scale-up, we are looking for new talents able to get deeply involved in our ambitious and dynamic company.
Are you willing to get involved in building a more natural and sustainable food system? Are you interested in biotechnology and sensitive to the problems of food scarcity?  So, we think you are ready to be part of the InnovaFeed adventure !
Our recruitment process is objective, inclusive and fair. It’s very important for us to offer from the start a clear, smooth and constructive recruitment experience for each applicant
Your missions
At InnovaFeed, we are committed to inventing efficient technologies that reproduce Nature's processes on a large scale. By building a circular and zero waste agri-food chain replicating insect's natural role, we want to reinvent our way of living with higher quality, sustainability and resilience, for everyone. We are a team of pragmatic dreamers who believe performance and positive impact can go hand in hand to reshape the world we leave to future generations.
As Communication Manager, you will ensure our communication embodies Innovafeed’s mission and ambition. The communication team is part of a transversal corporate functions department, lead by our General Secretary, that also includes the HR and Legal teams.
Your missions are :
- Contribute to the design and implementation of the global communication strategy for Innofaeed to improve awareness and build Innovafeed’s image
- Manage the PR agency and oversee PR initiatives
- Ensure the day-to-day implementation of this strategy
- Track results (KPI) and recommand adaptation of our strategy
- Work with the US team to adapt and implement Innovafeed communication strategy in the US
- Contribute to the optimization of the communication team organization and processes
You will be in direct and frequent contact with different departments inside and outside the organization in France and internationally.
Your qualifications and skills
- Your background is international
- 6+ years experience in communication ideally with experience both in agency and corporation
- An experience in the AgTech is a plus.

Paris /
General Secretary – Communication /
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Communication Manager
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