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Operations Director of TotalEnergies LNG Services France (TELSF)

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Contenu de l'offre Operations Director of TotalEnergies LNG Services France (TELSF) chez Total

Operations Director of TotalEnergies LNG Services France (TELSF)

Job Description

The mission of the Gas, Renewables & Power (GRP) business unit within TotalEnergies is to develop low-carbon energies, mainly in natural gas and renewable energies, in order to offer its customers the best low-carbon energy solutions at the lowest cost.
Since the beginning of 2022, Europe is facing a profound transformation of its energy system and must take up the challenge of diversifying and securing its gas supply.
Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is playing an increasing role in meeting this challenge. Several initiatives have been launched in Europe to build new LNG import terminals, in particular floating storage regasification units (FSRUs), a solution that is quick to implement and reversible.
TotalEnergies is leading a project to set up one of its FSRUs (the Cape Ann) in the port of Le Havre, which will be operated from September 2023 and for the next 5 years by a newly created entity, TotalEnergies LNG Services France (TELSF).
In this context, we are looking for our future Operations Director of TELSF (TotalEnergies LNG Services France) M/F.
The Operations Director is directly responsible for ensuring the success of TELSF's operational activities by structuring all operations-related activities and maximizing the value generated by the terminal (5Gm3/year throughput capacity).
The Operations Director will work in close collaboration and will constantly interact with other TELSF departments (in particular financial and commercial departments), authorities, local stakeholders.
The position is preferably located in Le Havre (if not, regular travel is to be expected).
The Recruited will be responsible for the following tasks:
- Structuring all operations-related activities in a newly created entity
Structure and animate relationships with external stakeholders, including Haropa (Le Havre Port), quayside operations, maintenance and interfaces with FSRU, state services in the region
Implement the nomination system with FSRU, GRTGaz and shippers.
Develop all internal and external operational procedures, including HSE, maintenance and operations.
Recruit and train the operational team, including third party services.
- Manage operations - Maximize the value generated by the terminal (5GM3/year throughput capacity)
Establish and implement FSRU maintenance programs in coordination with TELSF commercial management and GRTgaz network to optimize them.
Assist the TELSF commercial team to establish the LNG and gas delivery schedules on an annual and multi-month basis. Manage the delivery schedules on a daily basis in coordination with the TELSF commercial management.
Organize the validation of LNG carriers nominated by shippers (vetting, etc.) and initiate on-board inspections when necessary.
Ensure the follow-up of the LNG carriers, the unloading of the cargoes and the management of the associated documentation (bill of lading, unloading report, etc).
Optimize, in coordination with Hoegh, all the operations necessary for the unloading of the cargoes in order to avoid any delay and possible penalties attributable to TELSF.
Manage all activities related to nominations with shippers, FSRU and GRTGaz.
Manage the metering of the quantities of LNG unloaded and the quantities of gas consumed by the FSRU, and the transactional metering of the quantities of gas emitted on the downstream network.
Establish the energy balance at the FSRU terminals, ensure periodic reconciliations and follow-up of the LNG inventory for each shipper.
Interact with the FSRU owner to optimize its use and minimize fuel gas consumption.
Manage the day-to-day operational activities of the terminal in coordination with TELSF Com, Hoegh, GRTGaz, Haropa (Port of Le Havre) and other internal or external service providers in the safest and most efficient way.
- Manage and animate the team (one deputy in direct report + supervision of third party operators)
Lead TELSF operations and supervise team members regarding their responsibilities and interactions with third parties.
Manage the budget, including the Time Chart with the FSRU owner.

Candidate profile

Master’s degree in engineering
Minimum 10 years’ experience in the LNG industry, with operational and managerial responsibilities and experience of work with different interfaces
Knowledge of port terminal operations
Perfect command of French and English

Offer ID



Inspection & Maintenance General Resp., Project Management

Region, department, area

76 - Seine-Maritime

Additional location (s)

92 - Hauts-de-Seine

Workplace location (Precisions/Keywords)


Employment type

Regular position

Experience level required

Minimum 10 years


Gas Renewables And Power

Functional discipline: Industrial Projects, Maintenance / Inspection / Technology

Workplace location: LE HAVRE-DMS(FRA)

Country: France

Cpf final 4

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Operations Director of TotalEnergies LNG Services France (TELSF)
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