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Company Description

Akeneo helps more than 80,000 worldwide merchants manage their product information.

Our software is made to simplify product information processes and is designed for companies looking for efficient answers to their multichannel needs. Our solution helps merchants to centralize, translate and control the quality of the product information, leading to higher conversion rates, better SEO, shorter time-to-market and lower product return rates., Kurt Geiger, Samsung, and many other companies chose Akeneo to improve their product enrichment processes.

Akeneo is at the forefront of shaping a market category and elevating product experience management (PXM) to the same level as customer experience management (CXM). Our growth is only limited by our ability to think strategically and execute expertly. That’s why, we are currently looking for a Director, EMEA & APAC Marketing to drive growth for the business.

Job Description

[TL;DR] if you have nurtured a kind relationship with statistics and made data speak in the last few years, and if you're not scared of getting your hands dirty, well then, it's a no-brainer, join us!

We are looking for a Data Analyst to help make our data resilient, secure, and scalable. At Akeneo, we value a lot:

Teamwork | We believe a workplace should be a place where we can learn from one another,

Product Oriented | For us, our product must be about solving problems,

Mentoring | Continuously improve yourself, grow with others, and emulate your team,

Trustworthy | Your team is accountable for finding creative solutions,

Engineering | We do serious business without taking ourselves too seriously.

What you will do?

As a Data Analyst at Akeneo, you will:

join our Akeneo squad focus on data to contribute to the evolution of the stack and deliver high added value to our internal users, contribute building helpful decision-making metrics, work on a daily basis as part of a multidisciplinary squad (Engineering Manager, Product manager, Lead Data, Data Engineer...), use your knowledge to develop reports and metrics that will present actionable insights to the stakeholders, analyze complex data from multiple sources, learn how to detect problems, and suggest improvements that will have an immediate impact, have a career progression (diversity of topics and job positions, external and internal training), play in an international background and goal-driven culture, enjoy after-work, book club, knowledge sharing sessions, conferences, and team buildings, share your knowledge and experience with your teammates and learn from them.

Solid experience in the following fields is welcome. We have high expectations on these topics. We are interested in your profile for this position if:

You have good experience with databases, data visualization, and writing queries, You have advanced skills in SQL, You have a deep knowledge of data visualization tools such as Metabase, Qlik, Tableau or Looker, You want to dive deep into our PIM (and other products), understanding Julia's issues is essential, You are a good listener and know how to deepen an expressed need, You like to create storytelling with data.

Strong plus:

Experience with data exposition tools as or DataBuildTool or Dataform, Experience with Python or R, Experience in Web analysis and tracking systems

Additionally, here are some general skills that Akeneo teammates tend to have:

you are convinced that data are the heart of decisions and the source of truth you are proactive, autonomous, self-motivated, resourceful, and are eager to have a meaningful impact, you want to learn and try new solutions to tackle new challenges, you like to have fun and have a life outside of work, you are comfortable in English (a strong French accent is ok), finally, you learned from your mistakes, and you're ready to make new ones with us!!!
Additional Information
Good work-life balance: flexible hours, remote working policy, and package for the home office (chairs, desk, screen, keyboard, ...) Quarterly team events, and yearly offsite Great mansion located in downtown Nantes where you will find Marie&Therese our chickens and our beautiful bees Once a year you get to spend two weeks in one of our offices worldwide (Boston, Dusseldorf, Sydney, etc)

Want to know more?

Get the story directly from our R&D engineers, check out our Medium R&D blog Discover the Akeneo community! Let’s meet Discover our hiring journey, check out our Medium R&D blogpost Discover more open engineering positions, check out our Engineering Open positions

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.

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