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Contenu de l'offre Senior Data Manager (F/M) chez AXA Group

Senior Data Manager (F/M)


Primary Location



 :  Group Operations

Contract Type

 : Regular


 : Full-time 



Who we are:

Within AXA Group Operations, the overall mission of the Group Emerging Technologies & Data (GETD) team is to Drive AXA towards becoming a Tech Led & Data Driven company by leveraging data, AI and emerging technologies at scale which have the potential to disrupt the current insurance business model and provide opportunities to shape future businesses. The goal is to:

Accelerate business innovation to meet our customers’ rapidly evolving needs in the digital world, hence moving from a payer to partner model
Better serve our customers by engaging and empowering our employees, agents and partners adapting their capabilities, hence providing a new customer experience
Improve efficiency and existing margins in a challenging economic environment
Foster business growth, within AXA and by connecting with the wider ecosystem of partners, enabling innovative business models of tomorrow

Within GETD, Chief Data Officer for Group Operations is in charge of driving AXA GO data transformation on 3 strategic pillars: Cultural Data Foundations, Process & Data and Technical Data Foundations.

The focus of this job position is specifically on data management to support transversal process simplification involving procurement, finance and IT Data domains. 

What you will do:

As a Senior Data Manager, under the leadership of the Chief Data Officer, your mission is to provide users with quality data that is easily accessible. You leverage data as an asset through rigorous data documentation for your particular data domain; you ensure data quality and compliance with privacy and security rules; lastly you support and advice teams in their use of data.

To leverage the data assets of the company:

Identify the company data and work with system experts to document data
Maintain the IT data dictionary with necessary technical and functional information
Capitalize on external sources of data

To ensure data quality & compliance with data privacy and security regulation:

Ensure data is consistent and organized according to the defined business rules, and that these rules are properly integrated into the information system
Monitor and enforce compliance with the requirements and rules on customer data
Define, implement and analyze key performance indicators to monitor data quality
Provide guidance to individuals with stewardship responsibilities across a particular domain
Administrate the access to data to ensure data is used according to the privacy and security standards
Take part in data governance committees

To support and advise teams in their use of data:

Use data expertise to advise teams in the selection of the appropriate data
Act as an ambassador for good data management and assist data users in the data privacy related processes
Monitor data usage



Who you are:

Technical & business skills:

Scientific training / IT (engineering school, master) with good notions in probability / statistics
Mastering Data Management practices as described for instance in the Data Management Body of Knowledge, including Data Lifecycle Management across Core IT & Big Data ecosystems as well as Data Privacy & Security constraints
Good knowledge of one of business data domains (Procurement, Finance, HR)
Good knowledge of Information systems and underlying technologies (databases, data lakes, data integration)
Mastering a Data Visualization Tool (PowerBI or other) and query languages

 ​Soft skills

Ability to lead and coordinate a network of stakeholder from various backgrounds (data scientists, actuarial teams, data stewards, etc.)
Organizational skills and rigor in execution
Pragmatic, flexible and adaptable, able to work in ambiguous situations
Ability to move from abstract concepts to concrete
Ability to clearly articulate messages to a variety of audiences and to communicate complex ideas effectively – both verbally and in writing
Ability to influence others and move toward a common vision or goal
Ability to operate with different cultures
English proficiency
Capacity to contribute to team spirit and foster collaboration among team
Customer centricity
Between 10/15 years’ work experience required in Data Management with proven track record

About AXA 

Would you like to wake up every day driven and inspired by our mission of acting for human progress by protecting what matters? Here at AXA we strive to be a responsible employer, placing employee engagement at the heart of its business strategy. Achieving this means creating a workplace built on AXA's Values that foster diversity and equal opportunities for all, promotes employee participation, encourages professional development, and supports employee well-being.

We are looking for talented individuals who come from varied backgrounds, think differently and want to be part of this exciting transformation by challenging the status quo so we can push AXA - a leading global brand and one of the most innovative companies in our industry - onto even greater things.

In a fast-evolving world and with a presence in 57 countries, our 160,000 employees anticipate change to offer services and solutions tailored to the current and future needs of our 108 million customers.



AXA is becoming a sustainable tech-led company and at AXA Group Operations we are one of the major catalysts for this transformation. 

We set the tone by triggering and empowering the evolution of our insurance business model through technology and innovation, driving its concrete implementation globally at speed, with a high quality of advisory and execution.

We are present across 17 countries with committed, highly qualified teams. We leverage technology, data, sourcing, security and investment allocation in a global way, but also achieve economies of scale and synergies when necessary.

At AXA Group Operations, we want to be recognized in three fields of action:

State-of-the-art Data Technology to drive customer experience

State-of-the-art Procurement & Sourcing to drive efficiency and better manage risks

High-Performing Global Team for stronger partnerships with AXA entities 

What We Offer 

We bring together the expertise, cultural diversity and creativity of over 8,000 employees worldwide and we’re committed to equal opportunities in all aspects of employment (gender, LGBT+, disabled persons, or people of different origins) and to promoting Diversity & Inclusion by creating a work environment where all employees are treated with dignity and respect, and where individual differences are valued.


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Senior Data Manager (F/M)
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