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ALYCE Paris is a 50-year-old, team-driven manufacturer of women’s eveningwear. In 1955, Alyce Marie-Thérèse Hamm, a native of Alsace-Lorraine, France, emigrated to Chicago from Paris, where she trained as a costume designer at the prestigious Paris École de Coupe. Alyce herself then founded ALYCE Paris in 1967. ALYCE Paris is respected around the world for: elegant designs, values, and extraordinary customer service. ALYCE Paris Core Values Be Original and Authentic. Be creative, prolific, and generate new and/or radical ideas. Be honest. Be a nonconformist, or purple cow, in your industry or circle. Challenge conventional thinking. Be Entrepreneurial and Resourceful. Be clever. Value simplicity. Think ahead three, or five, steps. Never stop improving. Measure all decisions against sustainability, scalability, and social responsibility. Embrace joie de vivre. Laugh. Be playful. You appreciate the absurd. Cultivate child-like wonder. Accept ALL people. Be kind and positive. You have no ego, but an intuitive je ne sais quoi. Empower Others. Epitomize confident and curious behavior. Motivate people to improve emotionally, intellectually, and physically. Inspire others to: advance themselves, volunteer for a cause, and learn a new language or concept. Be Fierce. Be independent! Personify passion in everything you do. Stand for something! Work towards a higher purpose. Articulate a compelling vision. Defend yourself and your inspiration. And ALWAYS go the extra mile! Be a Team Player. Collaborate. Communicate. Contribute to our quirky culture. Cheer on your colleagues. Build and cherish meaningful relationships. Respect, support and sustain multiple perspectives. Be humble and down-to-earth. Love Your Job. Wear your heart on your sleeve. Be proactive. Have productive, goal-oriented behavior. Exceed expectations. Identify areas for personal development and continuous improvement. Seize opportunities.

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Alyce Paris is nationally recognized for its Distinguished Excellence in prom, bridal and special occasion gowns. Make unforgettable memories in your Alyce Paris gown.
Source : Twitter Juillet 2018

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