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Aelis Farma ambitions to become a pioneer and a leader in the development of signaling specific therapeutics that target GPCRs (and more specifically the CB1 receptor which is one of the most expressed GPCRs). GPCRs are the target of most therapeutic drugs. This family of receptors has the characteristics to activate several and often opposing signaling pathways. Unfortunately, most of the drugs acting on GPCRs either block or stimulate the entire signaling activity of the receptor resulting in unwanted and sometimes unacceptable side effects. Signaling specific drugs, mimicking physiology, offer therefore the promise of a new frontier in drug design and development: such drugs will selectively modulate only the signaling pathway involved in the disease, thus providing a new class of pharmaceutical compounds with higher therapeutic efficacy and fewer side effects. The company specializes in the development of first-in-class CB1 signaling specific drugs. Our first therapeutic target is cannabis abuse. AEF0117, our lead compound, is currently in phase I. Since the CB1 receptor is involved in a large number of diseases, other potential therapeutic application for the company’s compounds are potentially numerous, including in psychosis, metabolic disorders and skin diseases.

Source : Linkedin Mai 2018
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